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Criminal Defense

Las Cruces Criminal Defense
Best criminal defense lawyer Las Cruces
Jeff Lahann
Joe Shattuck

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be in the position of needing a criminal defense lawyer. But if you are, you want the best attorney you can get. The lawyers at The Lahann Law Firm in Las Cruces have over fifty years of experience handling and winning criminal cases just like yours. Call today for a free consultation.

DWI Defense

DWI lawyer 
DWI attorney
driver's license revocation
DWI driver's license
best DWI lawyer las cruces

Don't let anyone tell you that a DWI can't be fought. Everything can be challenged in a DWI arrest; from the initial traffic stop, the field sobriety tests, the arrest and any breath or blood tests. Our team of former DWI prosecutors and experienced DWI defense attorneys will examine every angle to ensure that you get the best possible outcome in your DWI and license revocation cases.

Auto Accidents

las cruces car accident attorney
las cruces personal injury attorney
personal injury lawyer

From minor fender-benders to ambulance rides to the emergency room, car accidents can be anything from a major nuisance to a life-changing struggle. There's insurance companies and collision repair shops and any number of medical bills to deal with. It can be overwhelming. Call us.  We'll take the burden off you and give you peace of mind while you recover.

Fighting for Your Rights

We'll be by your side, every step of the way.  Las Cruces' premier law firm.

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