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New Mexico Expungement Law Now Allows You to Clear Your Criminal History

Make a mistake when you were young? Are you tired of paying the price for that mistake? Whether you’ve missed out on job opportunities, been denied a security clearance, turned down for school financial aid, or refused participation in your children’s school activities, you know the pain and embarrassment a criminal history has caused. You paid your debt to society, but society keeps making you pay, over and over. 

That debt is now over!

In 2019 the New Mexico Legislature passed the strongest expungement law in the United States. It is now possible to clear your entire criminal history – even if you served time in jail or prison. That means you can erase your criminal case from public databases and can now honestly say that you’ve never been arrested or convicted of a crime. The law itself says “Upon entry an of order to expunge, the proceedings shall be treated as if they never occurred.” This is the fresh start you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

It's not automatic, though.

A petition has to be filed in the District Court in the county of your arrest or conviction. A copy of that petition must be served on the District Attorney, the law enforcement agency that arrested or charged you, and the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. A hearing has to be held in front of a District Court Judge, with attorneys from the prosecution and law enforcement agencies on the other side. Certain requirements, such as lack of recent conviction, good character, etc., must be proven to the court. Once the order of expungement is granted, copies of the order must be delivered to the agencies responsible for clearing the criminal and court databases. A misstep anywhere along the way in the process could result in you not getting what the new law says you deserve – a clean start.

The New Mexico Expungement Law takes effect January 1, 2020


But we’re not waiting. Dozens of thousands of citizens will be immediately eligible for expungement. Our goal is to have our clients’ expungement petitions ready to file when the courthouses open at 8 am, January 2. Don’t wait to hire an attorney to clear your record– the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be able to breathe easier knowing that your past is finally behind you. Call or message The Lahann Law Firm today to start the process of closing the chapter on the mistakes you made when you were young. lawyer clear your criminal record Las Cruces


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