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"I needed a really good criminal defense attorney and I was impressed when researching Jeff’s trial record. After meeting with Jeff, he put my concerns at ease and I knew there was something different about him. He had a genuine care for his client’s outcome. Although he is an attorney with much respect among his peers, he cared about me and my personal situation. He came to my small community to take care of my case. And when it mattered most in the courtroom, Jeff had put a tremendous defense plan in place and the prosecution was no match for his experience and expertise! My family and I were amazed at how he made the prosecution’s case fall apart right before our eyes! He was masterful at exposing every flaw from the way the entire case was investigated by the detective to the untruths from the witnesses. By the time Jeff and his team were finished only the truth remained. And the smile and wink from Jeff to my family after the “Not Guilty” verdict was read was priceless! That is forever etched in our memory. Thank you Jeff for being a genuine human being with a gift as an outstanding Criminal Defense Attorney and coming to help out the little guy!"


I Needed a “Damn Good Attorney” and That’s Exactly What I Got.

"Jeff was highly recommended by my cousin’s friend whom she had graduated law school with years ago. She said I needed a “damn good attorney” and that’s exactly what I got. From the moment I met with Jeff, I knew he had something other attorney’s don’t…”He genuinely cares about his client’s outcome.” I have never seen an attorney with so much respect among his peers. But when it came down to business, the prosecution was no match for Jeff’s experience! My family and myself were amazed with how he made the prosecution’s case fall apart right before our eyes! He exposed every flaw from the way the entire case was investigated by the detective to the lies from the witnesses. Every lie was exposed which only left the truth, which led to a smile and wink from Jeff to my family after the “Not Guilty” verdicts were read. That will forever be engraved on their memory. Thank you Jeff for not just being another lawyer. You are a genuine human being with a gift for Criminal Defense!"


Jeff Lahann is Who You Want on Your Side!

"Having to deal with attorneys is never an easy feeling. Securing the "right" attorney is even more difficult. Mr. Lahann is extremely knowledgeable and his staff was amazing to me. All questions, documents, files, billing etc... is via online "my case" app, very easy to use. My case couldn't of been handled any better. Mr. Lahann truly represented me with his heart. His devotion to my case was palpable in the courtroom. I am, and will forever be, grateful for having the privilege to have such an amazing team on my side. When you have a consultation or a meeting, you may think he is not listening to you. Please believe he is definitely listening and planning all at the same time. I am a witness to it. If you are looking for a good defense attorney look elsewhere, if you are looking for the best......Jeff Lahann is who you want on your side." 


I Highly Recommend The Lahann Law Firm!

"Terese Lahann is very easy to talk to. The staff is reassuring and keeps their clients informed. The front office secretary, Josefina, is professional, friendly, and helpful. They are a solid choice."


I Can't Say Enough Good Things About This Law Firm!

"Jeff is an amazing attorney who works hard to ensure you winning results, his staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks again Lahann Law Firm for all your hard work! I am truly grateful!"


I Am Very Happy That I Hired Jeff Lahann!

"In June of 2008 I had my life turned upside down and had to hire a Criminal Attorney. I called all over Las Cruces and spoke with a lot of attorneys. I then spoke with The Lahann Law Firm and scheduled an appointment to come in and explain my case. That was the best decision I have ever made. Right from the start Mr. Lahann informed me of my rights and the entire office treated me like family. They were very knowledgeable and explained to me exactly what was going to happen and how I should react to these things. They were also very professional as I was a very needy client. I called a lot, and was always treated with respect and all of my questions answered in a timely manner. If they didn’t know the answer they knew exactly where to get it."


Success Stories

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Not Guilty - Criminal Sexual Penetration 2/27/2019

Client, who had just turned 18, was charged with statutory rape. Jeff Lahann and Joe Shattuck went to trial and aggressively fought the charges against our client. We exposed a shoddy criminal investigation in which the police detective had made up her mind before ever talking to our client. We challenged the alleged victim's story by pointing out to the jury every inconsistent statement she had given about the night in question. 

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SNM prison gang

Not Guilty - Murder - Federal Court 5/25/2018

Our client, who had served time in prison when he was young, was arrested in December, 2015 and charged with the murder of another prisoner in 2001. Our client was alleged to be a member or associate of the notorious *SNM* prison gang - something Jeff Lahann and Joe Shattuck challenged throughout. Our client and six other defendants were tried at the Federal Courthouse in Las Cruces for nearly two months. Of seven men on trial, Allen was the only one who walked out of the courthouse a free man. For more about Allen's story, check out this video.

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$1,000,000 Settlement - Las Cruces Auto Accident

We were able to obtain a substantial settlement in a wrongful death case in which our client was struck by a car and killed. We aggressively pursued multiple claims against the driver's insurance policy and were able to make sure the parents and family members of the deceased were compensated for their emotional distress. 

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